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Nakhlah comprises dedicated departments for sterilizing, sorting, washing, and packaging to ensure a streamlined production process. We offer a diverse range of packaging options - catering to varying client needs and requirements.

We specialize in producing premium dates and products made from dates that are sure to please your palate.

Date Varieties

We offer finest quality of date varieties from Saudi Arabia, choose a variety that suits your needs because each one has its texture, flavour, and nutritional worth.



Khalas Qassim





Sagai Malaki

Sukkari Galaxy

Loose Dates

We provide a range of packing choices, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your requirements. For individuals who require a lot of dates, our bulk (Carton) packaging is ideal, but our plastic container works well for those who wish to keep their dates fresh for a long period. For those who want to take their dates with them while they are on the move, our pouch packing is appropriate, and for those who prefer to keep their dates in the pantry, our plastic bag option is ideal.

Our Packaging

Date Containers 400g - 800g

Dates Bag 1Kg

On the go Dates

Resealable Dates Pouch

Bulk Dates 1Kg - 3Kg

Stuffed Dates

Vaccum Dates

We also provide easy-peel boxes of vacuum-packed dates. These are ideal for people who want to enjoy dates but don't want to deal with the hassle of packaging or seed removal.
The dates preserve their natural flavour and texture and stay fresher for longer thanks to our vacuum packing.

Khalas AlQassim Vaccum

Khalas AlQassim (Almonds)

Premium Vaccum Dates

Sukkari Fakhir Vaccum

Vaccum Date 50g 2Kg - 4Kg

Vaccum Date Pack 1kg

Vaccum Date Pack 500g

Our Packaging Sizes

We recognize that not everyone has the same requirements for dates. We provide several package sizes to meet your needs. We provide easy peel (cartons), 500g, and 1kg package options. This guarantees that you may get the ideal number of dates for your home, whether you're wanting to eat them as a snack or want to stock up for the week.

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Why Choose Us?

There are various reasons why you ought to select us as your go-to matchmaker:

Premium Dates:

We take great delight in manufacturing the highest-quality premium dates.

A Wide Variety of Options:

You're likely to discover a date that suits your needs among our many different variations. We offer dates for everyone, whether you like them sweet, soft, or crispy.

Options For Flexible Packaging:

You may select the ideal package size and type to meet your demands thanks to our versatile packaging choices. We have everything you need, whether it's bulk packaging or something more compact and portable.

Affordable Prices:

We make it affordable for everyone to enjoy high-quality dates by charging reasonable pricing for all our dates.

Outstanding Customer Service:

Any queries or problems you may have may be addressed by our customer care staff at any time. We take pleasure in offering each one of our clients the best possible customer service.

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Order today if you're ready to try one of our premium dates. We provide quick and dependable delivery choices so you can start enjoying your dates right away. You can be sure to discover the ideal dates to meet your needs thanks to our extensive selection of date varieties and adaptable packaging choices.