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Discover the Sweetness of Dates with Our Range of Premium Products.
Our company is the top exporter of dates and dates-related goods. We have a strong commitment to offering our consumers the finest dates and date based products that are not only tasty but also nutrient-rich.

Our Products

Nakhlah boasts an all-encompassing range of date products, segmented into several distinct product lines and added handmade luxury products for all-year use and occasions.

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A rich and delicious date paste is used to fill our Ma'amoul, a classic Middle Eastern pastry. To make sure that our Ma'amoul is not only tasty but also nutritious and guilt-free, we take great satisfaction in utilizing only the best ingredients.

Our basic packaging for our Ma'amoul, which comes in individually wrapped 18 pieces per box, makes it ideal as a snack or dessert.


Our date paste is made from premium dates that have been meticulously chosen for their sweetness and taste. It is also loaded with antioxidants and necessary minerals. It works well in a variety of dishes, such as smoothies, oatmeal, and baked goods. As an excellent and nutritious substitute for processed sugars, we offer date paste.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is committed to giving clients the best dates and date-based goods possible. We carefully choose our dates and make sure they are of the best calibre. We also provide a variety of packaging choices to meet your demands.

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Look no further than our company if you're looking for delicious and healthy date-based products. Experience our date paste's delicious taste and health advantages by switching to natural sweeteners right away. Place your order right away to naturally sweeten your life!


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