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Discover the Rich Flavor and Health Benefits of Premium Dates from The Best Wholesaler

Do you want to sell high-quality dates to your customers? Or are you a food business looking for a special ingredient to improve your goods? Look nowhere else! We are a leading wholesaler of dates and items derived from them, and we're dedicated to providing you with the best products and top-notch customer service.

Premium Dates to Meet Every Need and Taste

We take pleasure in offering a wide range of premium dates that may satisfy various demands and tastes. Our selection of date varietals, which includes the famed Ajwa and the decadent Medjool, is meticulously sourced and chosen to match our high standards of quality.

The Date Variations We Supply Are Listed Below:

Ajwa: valued for both its delicious flavour and therapeutic benefits, ajwa dates are a favourite of both gourmets and health buffs.

Anbara: Anbara dates are excellent for baking and snacking due to their soft texture and flavour that is similar to caramel.

Khalas: Khalas dates, which have a golden hue and a sweet flavour, are a preferred option for celebrations and regular eating.

Khudri: These dates are a versatile component in many recipes because of their chewy texture and subtle sweetness.

Mabroom: Mabroom dates are highly appreciated for their distinctive texture and flavour and are frequently given as gifts throughout Ramadan and other special occasions.

Medjool: The "king of dates," Medjool dates are revered for their size, softness, and flavorful richness.

Safawi: Safawi dates, which come from Saudi Arabia, are a favourite among date lovers due to their dark hue and particularly sweet flavour.

Sagai: These dates are a favourite ingredient in sweets and energy bars due to their enormous size, crunchy texture, and honey-like flavour.

Sukkari: in addition to "sugar dates," Sukkari dates are appreciated for their subtle sweetness and supple, melt-in-your-mouth quality.

Additionally, we provide a variety of loose dates that are excellent for baking, preparing meals, and snacking. In addition to bulk (carton), plastic container, pouch, plastic bag, and on-the-go vacuum dates, our loose dates are offered in a variety of sizes and packaging types.

Options for Packaging to Suit Your Needs

We are aware that packaging is essential to maintaining the quality and freshness of our products. We provide a range of packing choices to satisfy your unique requirements and preferences.

We provide 500g, 1kg, and simple peel (cartons) packaging choices for our whole dates, all of which are excellent for sale or gifting. Our loose dates are available in bulk cartons, plastic containers, pouches,that are perfect for snack and food manufacturers.

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